Richardson Editing

Editing and writing for academia and business

I work with academics and graduate students who are preparing manuscripts for publication. I can edit any qualitative research text; I specialize in the humanities, especially philosophy (including analytic philosophy). If you're a researcher in the humanities or social sciences, I can also take your ideas and turn them into a co-authored paper.

I enjoy working on manuscripts for authors whose first language is not English.  Being bilingual (French & English), I understand the importance of preserving patterns of thought and expression tied to a writer's native language.

Individual Authors,

You and I will work together to determine what your manuscript needs.  We can discuss your work over email, phone, or videoconference.  Partway through the writing process, your work may need

medium-grained editing, including rewriting, for clarity, order, and desired effect.

Once you have a polished draft, it may need

copyediting (which may include, among other things: ensuring consistency, correcting writing errors, checking facts).

If you know where you will be submitting your manuscript, copyediting can include

formatting according to publisher guidelines.

The final step is likely to be



Depending on the job, I charge by the hour or the manuscript page (250 words).  My rate varies between US$30 and $50 per hour depending on the kind and level of editing, the turnaround time, and your budget.  Once I look at your manuscript and we discuss your needs, we will agree on a rate.  I also accept Canadian currency.