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I first worked with Carolyn when revising a dense paper on the philosophy of food. Her advice was so useful that I immediately asked her if she would be willing to help me revise my first book manuscript, a long text in metaphysics of nearly 90,000 words. I am an Italian native speaker and I have been professionally writing in English for over fifteen years. Carolyn has been the best editor I have worked with during all this time. She shows deep respect for the work and ideas of the author; she is approachable; she maintains a feasible schedule and communicates effectively any changes to it; her editorial remarks are systematic and professional; and her feedback on content was punctual and constructive. Many of those virtues may be explained in view of her extensive academic background; yet Carolyn also has a sensibility to the words of the Other, which allows her to tailor her work to each specific occasion, as fine artisans do.
— Andrea Borghini, Associate Professor of Philosophy, College of the Holy Cross


My experience includes structural editing and copyediting of tenure dossiers, PhD dissertations, and essays; checking and formatting bibliographies.  What follows is a selection of recent copyediting work. 

Here is an excerpt from a forthcoming book on metaphysics. The author's first language is Italian; part of my job was to revise the text for infelicities while preserving its Italian sensibility.

Here is an extract from a forthcoming book on the history of the U.S. South.

Here is the beginning of an essay on whether the work of the philosopher John Rawls provides a good way to think about animal rights.